Chili Cookoff & Poker Lessons

Last night we had a company Chili Cookoff event here at the office and I, along with 4 others, contributed my chili for the judgment of my peers. It was pretty informal, so things never came down to a vote, but my chili was the first to be finished off, so I take that as a good sign. Got a lot of compliments as well, which was great. I was a bit concerned because when I first cooked it up Wednesday night, I had salted the beef a little too much when I prepared it, and the chili was tasting too salty. But, a day in the slow cooker at the office and another jalapeno completely removed the salt taste and I ended up with a chili I was very proud of.

As part of the event, I had agreed to run a poker tutorial for anyone who was interested in learning how to play. I only ended up with a few “students” but I had a lot of fun teaching them the basics of Texas Hold’em while the 2003 WSOP played in the background. Of course, since we were just using play money while I was giving lessons, the idea of folding bad hands was hard to impress on people when they could just chase, chase, chase for free. But at least it will give them a base if they ever feel interested in pursuing the game.

In other news, a buddy of mine is coming back from his 4 month trip down under and I’m looking forward to mocking seeing him again.

Also, tonight’s my bi-weekly home PLHE tourney. Looks like we’re going to top last week’s turnout by a few bodies. *knock on wood* Hopefully no one drops out last minute. And hopefully I’ll have a bit better luck at it than I did last time.

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