Weekend woes

After my friend left Saturday I dove into the pools at Party to try my luck at 1/2. Apparently that was a bad idea and over the course of a long night I managed to drop 20BB after being up 10BB early. I found it a real struggle and never really felt comfortable in the games. Was probably a sign I should have called it a night early, but I was determined to play through and put a good amount of time into it.

Sunday I was doing a bit better, but it helped that I was hit by some good cards in an early afternoon session. I left after only a couple dozen hands with 12BB and some errands to do. When I got back home, I quickly dropped back close to even and had trouble putting anything together. I was feeling a bit better about my game however, I just wasn’t getting the cards to work with.

Ended the night at a PL 25$ table. Some truly crazy people there. But my big pot came with pocket aces. It ended up with a 8J423 board with 3 clubs. I was pretty sure he hadn’t hit anything but top pair, but I overbet by calling the pot (which was 12$ at that point) I was surprised (and frightened) when he called, but the pot was pushed to me and I happily made up back up to 12BB on the day. I figured he was just a typical Party fish calling it down, but I checked in Pokertracker later and saw he had pocket kings. Poor guy.

Overall the weekend felt like a real grind and I’m thinking that I probably need to take a bit of a break from poker.

But, the most important news coming out of this weekend is that Felicia has got the weekly PJK tournament set up with Planet Poker. She’s done a great job getting a much better structure than you can usually get at online poker sites, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. She is also promising celebrities, which could be interesting. If you’re a PJK (Poker Journal Keeper), even a unskilled one like I am, I’d highly recommend heading to Felicia‘s site and signing up. These tournaments are going to be a ton of fun and a great learning experience. All for the low, low price of twenty bucks.

Alas, this may be the last entry until the weekend. I’m heading out to California on business tomorrow and won’t be back until late Friday. But I’m hoping to take the forced break from poker to reflect on my game and to re-read some poker books so I’ll come in fresh to the Sunday tournament. Not that I have the slightest chance in hell of bringing home any money, but it would be nice if I could someone swing the final table.

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