Good weekend

Well, it’s official, I just topped the 400$ profit mark(418.49 to be exact) across my various accounts, so I’ve finally met the requirements I set to move up to the 1/2 limit game. Still small potatoes, but I’ve managed to build my bankroll from pretty much nothing, so I’m happy with myself. And it took just a couple days under two months.

I started the weekend with just a limit more than 310$, so the tables have been very good to me. But I also think I’ve been playing better poker. Of course, the 30$ bonus I unlocked at Choice (really only 23$, as I lost 7$ unlocking it) helped a lot, but so did a the ~40$ wins I posted both Friday night and this afternoon. And I still have the Choice freeroll tonight to try to make my weekend even sweeter. And to top it all off, I was able to download the first two episodes of the WPT and found Rounders for a reasonable price at HMV, so I’ve got a bunch of poker to watch. I’m on a pretty good high right now and I’m feeling a bit invunerable at the tables, so I think it’s time to take step back, maybe cook up a good dinner.

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