Well, that was fun. Actually, not so much. Pretty frustrating. Was feeling pretty good at the table but got most of my chips in with Q3 against TT on a 89Q9 board. Of course, the river was a T and I was left with T63. I quadrupled up on the next hand but could never find a spot to double up again. In the end I was out with a sooted hammer in 1195th. It’s too bad because I was actually feeling pretty good about my play, which I wasn’t exactly expecting given the lack of poker in my life recently. I suppose I should be glad I went out early instead of on the bubble.

Even more depressing, I’ve got to sit down and read some documents for work, so my afternoon isn’t going to get any more pleasant. Maybe I’ll order some pizza for a break later.

Thanks to the folks at Pokerstars for setting the tournament up. It was a lot of fun, despite the disappointing finish. It was also a reminder that I have a lot of bonus stockpiled at Pokerstars that I should get cracking on.

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