Well, that didn’t take long

*sigh* Well, that was a spectacularly poor performance. Tonight I managed the dubious honor of being the first eliminated from the WPBT WSOP satellite. Third hand I found AQ of clubs in late position and I decided I really wanted to play them. I don’t know what to say, I should have known better and I had a couple opportunities to escape with some chips. Alas, I talked myself into believing that BG was on a bluff and donated all my chips on just the third hand. I knew my $30 was just a donation to buy someone into the big game, but I didn’t expect such an ignoble exit. *sigh* I suppose that it’s karma for not being a particularly good blogger in April. I guess I’m going to have to work on that.

I also learned that if someone offers to buy your opponents hand in a live game and any draw might have hit with the next card, it’s probably not a good time to get aggressive. But, I guess a dozen beer has it’s own effect on one’s poker game. At least I was able to make it back up to even on the night.

Speaking of beer, one or two of those might help with the crushing loss. At least I see that the chip leader is from TO. I wonder if it’s one of the Lord Admiral boys

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