The game that wasn’t

Well, I haven’t played a great deal of poker recently and was really looking forward to participating in the Grublog Poker Classic Sunday night. Unfortunately, fate and the internet interfered. I booted up my laptop to play with I watched the end of the Grey Cup. But for some reason it wasn’t connecting to the Internet, even though it could was connecting to the wireless network. So, I got on to my desktop machine and started poking around with the config to try to get things resolved. I couldn’t find anything wrong so I went looking for some information online. No dice, couldn’t access the web. Couldn’t log in to Paradise. Couldn’t do anything. After another five minutes I threw up my hands and went back to watch the rest of the football game. One last attempt minutes before the start of the tournament was unsuccessful and I denied my chance to collect any bounties this time around. At least the Argos won.

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