Less giddy

But I suppose I am not entirely without gid. You remember that nice match bonus I mentioned from Empire yesterday? Well, apparently they have rescinded it. So, even though I managed to get through 25% of the required hands last night, I don’t get any money for it, well aside from the $135 I earned at the 25PL tables. Actually, upon further invesigation, it turns out they did credit my account with a 10% bonus completely free of requirements, so I earned a free $46.6 and really can’t complain. Actually, upon yet further investigation, it turns out that all is not perfect, as this free money actually prevents me from taking advantage of the 10% up to $100 offer I got yesterday so, since meeting the hand requirements is not a hardship for me, I lost the opportunity for an additional $53.4. Not ideal, but I guess I can’t be too demanding when it comes to free money.

So I apologize to any who might have gotten burned if they saw the bonus code here yesterday, but hopefully they ended up satisfied. I still have bonuses at Party, Absolute and Stars to work on, so there’s plenty to keep me busy.

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