Back in the game

Due to some inclement weather, my conflicting plans for Sunday night have fallen through, so I will be attending the great Monty Memorial blogger’s tournament tonight at Pacific.

I’m even getting some good pre-tourney practice as I’m currently battling in the final six (of 350) in the Sunday 1K freeroll at Multipoker. Sittng at 3rd chip position at the moment with T50K, but the blinds are up at T4000/8000, so there isn’t a heck of a lot of room to manuever.

UPDATE: Just took over the chip lead when my minimum pre-flop raise with KK was re-raised all-in by the chip leader with QQ. It held up and I’m sitting much better than I was, even if I still have only 20 blinds in my stack. As I’m typing this I call a short stack’s minimum raise with A5. An ace on the flop and I put him all-in and he has little choice but to call with pocket fives. Five left and I have nearly as many chips as the rest of the table. Time to fall from grace. Ugh…doubled up a short stack.

UPDATE 2: Blech! Went out in fourth for $75. I made a few mistakes near the end and the cards just weren’t cooperating. At least now I’ll be able to take a bit of a break to rest up for the Blogger Tourney.

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