I love my company. Tonight the glee club had arranged an outing to go curling at the Leaside Curling Club. Not many people knew how to play so I ended up skipping one of the teams, but we all had a lot of fun. We managed to win 6-1 over the other team on top of that, and we had free beer and pizza afterwards, so all and all, it was a great night. Of course, when I realized it was only 10pm when I got home and I’d have a little time to go online for some poker, even though I was a little toasted and should have known better. But, fortunately I was in and out and pulled a 5 dollar night. (which works about to a 6BB evening) Of course, I managed to drop 40$ last night, but with a winning percentage of 3%, I’m pretty sure it was the cards. And without any kind of cards, there was no way I was going to win the 3 SNGs that I entered.

Fortunately, tomorrow is my home hold’em tournament. For the last month, I’ve held a 20$ buy-in pot limit texas hold’em every second friday and it’s been a lot of fun. We had 12 people the first night and 11 the second. I finished 4th and 3rd respectively, so it’s been pretty good, but I’m looking for a 1st place finish. I just hope that the weather holds out tomorrow so that we don’t have any cancellations.

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