Poker Weekend

Managed to get some decent games in over the weekend. Played the 500 hands necessary to unlock my Empire reload bonus and managed to snatch another 100+BB from the 25PL tables. I’m feeling very strong in my game there – then again, that could just be because I am winning. But, most times when I sit at the table I can get a pretty good read on how other people are playing and can avoid most unprofitable situations. That’s not to say I don’t make some boneheaded plays (like pushing my AK pre-flop when I *knew* my opponent had the KK) but most of the large pots I’ve lost I’ve known that I was making a questionable. Now, if I could couple that knowledge with the discipline to fold in those last few situations, I’d be golden.

Didn’t play much Sunday, but I had a good session Monday night, hitting 130+BB in about 400 hands. I probably should be exploring the 50PL and 100PL games at this point, but with win rates like that, it’s hard to justify leaving the table. It’s also getting harder and harder to justify bonus hunting at non-Party sites. I’ve got $270 waiting for me at Pokerstars after the last reload bonus, but while I am still in the black there, it’s a pretty low win rate, considering the time invested. And I’ve only got 186 of the first 750 FPPs that I need. Still, I suppose I am planning on hitting some casino tables any time soon, some of the higher caliber play at Stars could be good practice. Not that I expect top players at the casino (or the charity casino that I hope is running at the CNE again this year) but my limit game is getting a bit rusty.

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