One last tournament

I had told myself I was going to call it a night, but after a bit more tidying up, I ended up back at the tables for another 10+1 LHE SNG. I figured I had to make up some of the loss today since I won’t be able to play for the next few days.

Jumped into the chip lead early and managed to keep building on it. Unfortunately, when I hit 2300, I could not get any support to start throwing my weight around. But, I’m trying to play patiently, and aside from a few attempts early to feel out the table, I just sat back to wait for some cards.

Unfortunately, it didn’t matter how many times I promised myself to be patient, I continued to play aggressively, stealing with every opportunity. Fortunately my plays were scaring people off, and I had the cards when someone decides they want to see what I have. I regain the chip lead with 3700. They are 5 left and the blinds are up to 100/200. I make a mistake staying in to to try eliminate two players and drop 1000. Then I manage to take it back on the next hand betting at low pair, which would likely have held up, but the other player folded on the river. Then 2 hands after that, pocket TT holds up and I pull a 2900 pot. I’m in a commanding chip lead and start bullying the table, knocking someone out to bring it down to 3.

At 5200 in chips, I quickly donate 1200 trying to run someone out. The hand after that, the two other players clash and one drops. It’s now heads-up and the chips are even. I kept hitting decent down cards and keep betting. My opponent is running scared – though I will allow that they probably didn’t have cards – and kept folding the blinds to me. After a handful of steals, I finally call in the BB to see a wonderful flop. 5A8 rainbow to my 58o. I bet hoping against hope to be up against an ace and I smile when I am raised. I re-raise and after the call, my opponent has only slightly more than one bet left. The turn is a Q, which is a bit worrisome, but this is my chance, so I bet here and put him all in after the K river. Thankfully he had only A3 and I took first place and the 50 bucks. That leaves me at -3 for the day and the temptation to hit a ring game for a quick 5 bucks is pretty strong. I start watching the third period of the Vancouver game and try to resist the sirens call.

Of course, even though I know I shouldn’t sit at a table if I don’t intend to spend some time there, I can’t resist the temptation to try to eke out a small win on the day. Of course, what do I do on the first hand? I chase an open-ended straight. But, it was a big multi-way pot and the big stack of chips was too tempting to resist. So, instead of 3$ to be up, I need 6.

I few hands late I have 55 and limp in to see the flop. It comes 5Q3 and one of the 4 other players in the hand bets into me. I raise, and all but one call (I love Party sometimes) . The turn comes 6 and someone bets into me again. I’m slightly worried about the straight here, knowing some of the crazy hands people will see the flop with. I still raise, since the odds are still good for me. The river comes a lovely offsuit 3 and I’ve filled a boat. People still see my bet and I take down a 13.5$ pot. That puts me up for the day, so I play out the blinds that just hit me the next hand – I hate winning a big hand and then leaving without paying the blinds that were just coming around to me – and watch the next orbit for irresistable cards. I’m grateful when nothing shows up and I finally call it a night. It’s much later than I intended to go to bed, as I have some guests showing up at 10am tomorrow morning. But, at least I brought back my -53 from a few hours ago to a +5 on the day. And even with all that poker, I managed to get my place cleaned up pretty thoroughly, minus vacuuming and washing the floor. I’ll probably vacuum when I get up tomorrow, but I think the floor washing may not happen. And for the topper, my Sens won 5-3.

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